The cold air is drawn through a filtered grill low down near the floor then taken to the panel on the roof by means of flexible ducting and similarly returned through a ceiling register.

Inside the panel we have the patented Asciak Heat Exchanger that has been designed to create turbulence and give the exchanger such a high efficiency.

An inline duct fan is used to impart this flow and the whole system is controlled by a simple differential temperature microprocessor that turns the fan on and off as the suns energy becomes available. This controller is installed on a wall in your home.

By directing the heated air into a laundry or cupboard you can create your own drying room using the free energy from the sun.

The filter will help keep your home dust free and healthier as it continually filters the air in your home.

By replacing the filter with a HEPA filter you can help family members with their Asthma.